Hands-on High availability with PostgreSQL (Scott Mead) Full Day

This class provides a hands-on approach to high availability. This day long class will focus on configuring multiple high availability scenarios in a lab environment in order to familiarize the individual with the mechanics of:

* Installation
* Configuration
* Switch-over
* Fail-over
* Switch-back

The day will begin with a 'level-off' overview to get everyone up to speed with general H/A, moving into the technical hands-on:

* Introduction
* Terminology
* Concepts
* Interfacing with the business
* Strategies
* Open-Source
* Commercial products
* Technical Hands-on

Each configuration lab will include discussion about the business differentiators of strategy and how it applies to business continuity

Technologies used in lab:
* DB level replication
- Choose: Slony / Londiste / Bucardo
* Streaming Replication
* PGPool-II
* Active / Passive Failover
- Heartbeat / Linux HA
* If time allows, special requests may be accommodated (if provided ahead of time)

Student Requirements:
* Computer capable of hosting 2 vm's
(vm will be available for download ahead of time)
* Familiarity with linux OS
* Most demos will involve command-line instructions
* Familiarity with basic PostgreSQL functions (start / stop
database, psql, running scripts)
* Willingness to learn!

Price: $449.00