Frequently Asked Questions - Speakers

Absolutely. We are a community and there are a number of speakers who would be willing to help you perfect your presentation. If you are a first time speaker, once you have been subscribed to the speakers list, just request some help.

Most projectors are VGA. You need to make sure you have a display port to VGA adapter.

Yes but don't count on it. Hotel wireless when bombarded with a couple of hundred geeks with various levels of ssh running, just doesn't hold up that well. Our suggestion is that we all learn to tether.

We do recommend a remote presentation control. They are about 40.00 and it allows you to walk around the room and still control your presentation. They work just like a mouse so there are no special drivers required.

Whatever software you are comfortable with on your laptop.

A lot of our community struggles with this. Voice projection is key to allowing your audience to hear them. Here are a couple of simple tips:

  • Speak from the diaphragm
  • Look slightly over the heads of the audience when you speak
  • Do not speak if you turn your head to the projector screen. They won't hear you.
  • Relax.
  • Unless you are speaking in the banquet hall, you will not be provided a microphone. The rooms are not generally large and standard speaking voice should be enough.

    Speakers are provided with a VGA cable that plugs into the projector. I.e; bring your laptop and your best projected voice.

    No. The trainers are compensated based on the number of attendees who pay for the training.

    By being accepted as a speaker you are registered for the conference. There is no additional fees required. However, speakers do not receive admittance to the trainings for free. If you wish to attend trainings you must register for them separately.

    There are professional benefits to being a PostgreSQL Conference Speaker. The PostgreSQL Conference is an established conference series that has shown growth every six months of at least 30% each conference. Further enhancing your public speaking skills will only help you in your professional pursuits in the future.